i’m a single homeschooling trans radical mama of two. i like to bake and write and think about all the bad things about (most) technologies while (not-so)secretly anthropomorphizing my computer. i love ‘zines but can’t afford to be much of a zinester anymore. i live in Portland, OR and think rain is fun.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Annie said

    Hi, I’m thinking you are the person I first met in the Chicago avengers in 1999 and knew here on the west coast in those years soon after. This is Annie (femme, avenger briefly before I came west, you stayed the night at my house a
    Few times and were generally my favortite person of the era

  2. you’re right! hi, annie! i, of course remember you. 🙂 how are you?

    • Annie said

      Yay! I’m well. Living in sunny seattle. And amazingly I was just telling someone the story of the time you changed my life forever last night.

  3. Annie said

    Balls, that posted too fast. I was just trying to say I think I know you from a long time ago. I live in Seattle again and come down to pdx with fair frequency. I remember you fondly an have often wondered how you’re doing. I would love to get back in touch if you are interested. It’s been almost a decade but if you remember a budding fat femme that lived in a giant collective (full o douches) on the south side of Chicago, or from ace and lisas living room in pdx, well that is me. I’d love to hear how you are and know you again. Xo Annie.

  4. I friend of mine on Tumblr linked to one of your articles (the one about not going to queer parties), and I have been enjoying reading your blog very much. I feel like we would be very good friends if we lived close to each other.

    In Solidarity and Squalor,
    Gemma Seymour

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