what we’re reading: comics edition

April 3, 2011

the last week or so, we’ve been reading a lot more comics/graphic novels than usual! here’s some of what’s been keeping us interested:

We’ve all been enjoying reading about Portia in the first volume of Jellaby, who moves to a neighborhood with her mama, discovering a strange creature–and soon to be friend–in the woods behind her house. the art is cute, and the themes remind me of hours and hours of my life wasted spent playing A Boy and His Blob on the original Nintendo, helping my blob-pet-thing get home. Both the kids can get into the excitement without getting too scared, although there are some creepy moments.

My oldest kiddo has been reading this collection of Little Orphan Annie comic strips. We’ve been studying the history of comic strips and the history of film simultaneously, and there’s plenty of overlap in these strips, especially as he approaches volume two (which will cover the same time period as some of the less offensive Shirley Temple movies, which both kids love). We both agree that Annie’s spunk and her way of dealing with the cruel is inspiring, if not always appropriate for real life.
My littlest one has started buying Tiny Titans comics with his allowance, which certainly takes me back to my own childhood allowance, so often spent on X-Men comics (for the record, I liked Kitty Pryde the best). The Tiny Titans are a club of children-of-DC-Comics-superheroes, and they are cute and funny. We both like the issue where Raven gets stuck babysitting Kid Devil. Her father, Trigon, thinks Kid Devil is an incredibly cute baby and finger biting, flame spitting hijinks ensue! My older son is only interested in hearing each comic once or twice, but his brother can read the same one dozens of times in one sitting (when such a thing is possible for a certain Mama…;)!
we all like math and science jokes as much as the next nerds, and so having a volume of the otherwise annoying FoxTrot comic that is entirely devoted to aforementioned gags is bliss! behold:

My bigger kid has been reading Magic Knight Rayearth to himself, thus following in my footsteps in enjoying magical girl manga. this series tells the story of three very different girls whose schools are on a trip to Tokyo Tower on the same day… The three are called to a quest to save a magical world! Who didn’t want that to happen to them when they were kids?!? I used a few episodes of the subtitled anime to get him hooked, both on the series and on movies that require reading. 😉 Here’re the opening credits:

and finally, I’ve been reading, all on my lonesome, Kashimashi, which is about a shy, botany obsessed boy who is crushed by an alien spaceship and then revived by the extremely apologetic alien. the alien makes a mistake and transforms him into a girl! rather than totally disturbing her, this is accepted pretty quickly. the real problem is her love triangle of sorts with the girl she always loved (who wouldn’t give her the time of day as a boy) and her childhood best friend (who liked her very passionately as a boy). yes, this is cheesy, nerdy, and embarrassing. it is also fun. apparently there was an anime of it, but i have not watched it yet.
now that i have permanently cemented my nerdery (as well as that of my children), good night!

2 Responses to “what we’re reading: comics edition”

  1. Anna said

    Thanks for the great info! What do you recommend for the “less offensive” Shirley Temples?

  2. Anna said

    Magic Knight Rayearth seems like Voltron crossed with grown-up powerpuff girls…but that’s the extent of my anime…heh…I shall have to delve into it at last….

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