when singing soothes even the exasperated singer…

March 23, 2011

last week i had one of those horrible days when the children’s immense cuteness, while certainly charming, does not quite seem to ungrit my oh-so-clenched teeth, teeth clenched because the children, while cute, are also tired, hungry (did i mention i don’t feel creative regarding cooking on horrible days?), easily frustrated (maybe they are having “one of those horrible days”?), and very interested in throwing scathing looks and remarks at each other as though i have raised them to be prize-fighting gladiators, with no love for  their fellow flesh-and-blood human beings, let alone those creatures known as “siblings.”

with judicious applications of peanut butter sandwiches and relatively-healthy-and-natural soup from a box, we all made it through the day with less tears than it takes to drown a pony in. i was prepared to accept this small victory, and then a strange thing happened…

after our usual reading marathon, my oldest son asked me to sing him a lullaby, one i used to sing him when he was little. he never asks for this anymore, although the little one could stay up for a good extra half hour listening to me sing (and on not-so-horrible days, i am happy to oblige).

his request:

i have always liked singing this song, and singing it to him had me smiling, and very quickly his breathing relaxed and after an extra time through the song, he was asleep.

i felt like crying, thinking of how many nights i helped his baby body, mind, and soul ease into sleep with that very song and others, thinking of how easy it is to get mad at or frustrated with the people we love. i felt my well of patience beginning to fill again.

my little one then asked me to sing, and i knew right away what to sing to him. i make a medley of sorts out of these three songs (two of which are versions of the same song, of course, and all of which are songs i once sang to his brother):

when he joined his brother in slumber, my throat may have been slightly sore (he has lullaby-enjoying-stamina, as i said), but my heart was welling up with thankfulness. i was, and am, so glad that i can help these children i love so dearly find peacefulness, even at the end of one of those horrible days.

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