on introductions

January 29, 2011

i usually love writing introductions. the ones i’ve written for the ten issues of night cookies (the ‘zine!) that i’ve written so far are a wonderful way for me to look back on the last few years of my life, to see my progress from girl-mama-lost-in-the-woods-of-newfound-singleness to… well… girl-mama-lost-in-the-city-of-identity-confusion. i am undeniably lucky to have this record, and i feel blessed by every person who gave my little stick figure drawings a chance, and doubly blessed by every person who wrote me a letter to say there was some hint of resonance for them in my writing, or even more amazing that they’d been singing the same song i’d been singing (something about self-love, no doubt, as i only seem to write songs about that particular struggle anymore;).

but this introduction has been bothering me.

i never thought i would make a public blog… i’ve used livejournal as a place to write cute anecdotes about my kids and occasionally let fly some late night despair in hopes someone might catch it, examine it in the light, and toss it back diminished, but blogging has always struck me as one of the things most responsible for the semi-demise of my beloved ‘zine culture. and i have very mixed feelings about computers in general and the internet in particular (my second post is going to be about these feelings… please be patient with me! i’m a single homeschooling mama of two!).

so how can i be doing this? primarily because every issue of my ‘zine has gotten harder for me to produce and distribute. as sad as it is for me to realize, i can barely afford to make a few copies of my ‘zine and mail them out in a good month, and in a bad month production of my ‘zine is practically impossible.

and then the issue i’ve worked on sits… and sits… and sits… and by the time i can afford those copies and the mailing out, maybe i don’t relate so very strongly to the things i’ve written anymore. maybe instead of being the song that i’m singing right then, the song of that issue is an interesting artifact of an earlier version of myself… but this *new* song i’m singing… well, wouldn’t that go over like gangbusters in issue #11 of my ‘zine? i’d better start writing!

which is my rambling way of saying that the immediacy and cheapness of blogging are very enticing, especially for those bad months. i intend to continue producing my ‘zine (i know i owe some of you copies of issues 9 and 10, zine-friends… i do intend to send them!;). this blog is going to be an adjunct to it. it’s going to be a place for me to share things with the world that are dying to be shared *today*.

my goal is to write one blog post/essay/thing per week and also to figure out how to scan one comic each week as a bonus value! πŸ˜‰

but who am i today, other than a broke mama who does a ‘zine which you might not have read or heard of?

i’m yr friendly neighborhood radical dorky queer transsexual homeschooling former-teenage mama of two. i live in portland, or, where i hope to continue sinking my little roots into the bit of earth behind my house. i hate cars but not drivers. i love reading and singing and children and chickens and walking and drawing tiny people.

i hope we both like this new project of mine!

9 Responses to “on introductions”

  1. mikaela said

    yay for blogging. its been such a release and great source of happiness and connection (ironically) for me. i cant wait to read more.

  2. Cheri Riznyk said

    lucky me that you are my friendly radical dorky etc dear & wonderful friend! I like your new project already (though I do prefer your handwriting & little drawings but I certainly understand about wanting things to be a bit more immediate)! I’m excited to read more…

    • well, the comics i’m hoping to scan weekly should be handwritten and have little drawings! the best of both worlds, here on my humble blog…;) <3, katie, who is lucky you are her friend, too

  3. Felix said

    So excited to follow this. Blogging is cheap and easy(er than printed stuff). Woo-hoo!

  4. Dorky? The only thing dorky about you is that you use “dorky.” Life is so much better with you in it. I finally got Whipping Girl to read thanks to your recomendation!

  5. china said

    your blog is soo ziney! πŸ™‚ I’ve read all the entries backwards to here πŸ˜‰ really nice. xo really lovely writer you are

    • thank you, china. calling my blog ziney is the best compliment you could have paid me. πŸ™‚ i want to cry! πŸ˜› i miss being able to afford to be a good, reliable zinester. you are sweet. i miss you as a pen pal! <3, katie

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